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Team Activity

In a world built by masters of the theatrical, come and live a new type of team adventure in the form of a race against time during which you will overcome enigmas, mysteries and challenges throughout an immersive story.

Against the clock

Your team will live a thrilling experience over the course of 60 minutes during which your mental acumen will be tested against a ticking clock. This delightful voyage through time and space will take you to unexpected places where time will melt away… Make each second count!

Unlock secrets

Your mission will be to unlock secrets hidden across history and to prevent the events from taking a turn for the worst. Designed to test your ingenuity and teamwork, our 3 scenarios await...


On the lookout for a new activity? Our live escape rooms are the perfect way to spend a rainy day in Brussels and try something fun!

Companies and Team building

This the best team-building activity in the world? Probably… Come and see for yourself! A 60 minutes event packed full of problem solving challenges which require solid teamwork and communications, Enygma blends all the ideal conditions for great corporate entertainment.

Friends & Families

The Enygma Escape Room is designed to provide quality time to groups of friends and families alike. Step away from a virtual world of constant interruptions and take part in a group adventure where you will physically interact with your environment and live and breathe as one… For your success depends on it.


The great detective, Sherlock Holmes, has need of your assistance. With his help, infiltrate the office of the notorious Professor Moriarty in order to foil his dastardly ploy.

Mr Fogg's Residence

Ahoy traveller, the eccentric British adventurer, Phileas J. Fogg, Esquire, welcomes you to his London-based residence. Step into a wondrous world of esoteric mysteries and arcane secrets to relive his journey Around the World in 80 Days...

Mayan Temple

Venture deep into the verdant jungles, up to the Mayan Pyramid's very doors.

Price and reservation

How can I book an Escape Game?
Please use our booking website ( to see what time slots are available and book online.
Can I book multiple rooms?
Absolutely, you can book 3 simultaneous rooms. To do so, begin booking the first one and then click "Add another booking".
How much does an Esacpe Room cost?
The price starts from 20€ per person depending on the size of your team.
Can I make a cancellation?
Unfortunately Enygma is a live event and requires advanced preparations, so once the booking is confirmed we cannot cancel or reschedule it.

The Enygma Escape Room

How long does it take?
You have up to 60 minutes to succeed in escaping from one of our rooms. There will also be a short introduction and debrief meaning the experience will last around 90 minutes.
I'm claustrophobic, can I still play?
There is an emergency escape button in each Escape Room. Our rooms are of normal size and have high ceilings, many claustrophobic participants have played with no problems.
How difficult is an Escape Room?
You do not need to have any specific prior knowledge to play Enygma. The game is designed to be a challenge that anyone can take on.
The Escape Game does not need any in depth linguistic skills and can be played in French, English or Flemish.
What time should I arrive?
Please arrive precisely at the time of your reservation. If you arrive late, your game may be cancelled in order not to delay those playing after you.

Playing Enygma

Number of players
All of Enygma's Escape Rooms are for teams of 3 to 6 people per room. We recommend teams of 4 or 5 for the best experience.
How old must I be?
We accept players of all ages. If the team is under the age of 13, they will need to be accompanied by an adult.
Pregnant women are able to participate as there is no physical exercise or frightening elements to the game. For any accessibility questions, please contact us at
Who is the Escape Game for?
Enygma's live escape game is designed so that everyone can play. It is a perfect Team Building activity as well as an ideal outing with friends and family. We can also cater for special events like birthdays, bachelor parties, and more. Please e-mail for more information


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Open every day

From 10AM to Midnight

Mr. Fogg's Residence
The Mayan Temple
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"One of the most well-designed escape rooms out there! Exceptional hospitality and not your typical boring puzzles, the rooms really challenge you and that's why it's just so rewarding" - Christie & Mikhail - Feb 2017

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